Why I Am Waiting For Something Real…

1F94EA0D-2589-4E75-B9EE-44FEF4AB7041 We live in a time where dating has a million different meanings and stages. There is dating, talking, being exclusive, seeing other people, basically we are all terrified to get attached.

We all fall for the illusion of what we think love is instead of waiting for something real.

We settle for failed relationships that give us what we want instead of what we need.

But every time we find out that this illusion, this “situationship” as I like to call it, will never cut it. We all deserve an incredible, whole hearted, respectful, and meaningful love. I for one, am done selling myself short. I am going to wait for something real.

This cat and mouse game we call dating is out of control. We are always afraid to be the ones who get attached first in fear of heartbreak. What we forget to realize is with every failed “situationship” there is a lesson to be learned.

We learn that we deserve someone who will love us even in our darkest times. This person will embrace your scars and broken pieces. They will love you for your broken pieces and insecurities.

We learn that we should wait for consistence. Someone who will always be there incase of an emergency. If my world starts crashing in I need to be able to count on you. Someone who will put in continuous effort-even after they have you.

We learn to wait for the one with drive. Someone who wants to be somewhere in life and has goals they want to meet.

We learn to wait for someone with integrity. Someone that not only loves your body but your heart.

Wait for the one who will never make you wonder. You won’t have to wonder “what are we?” You will feel like a priority in their lives. You will never feel like a second choice.


Wait for the right person. They will be your best friend, your partner, and biggest fan. You could meet them tomorrow, next month, or next year. What a shame it would be to be stuck in a “situationship” and miss out on love.


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