A Letter To My Best Friend…



When I first met you I don’t think either of us knew the bond we would have today. That may be because I wanted to fight you, but either way I am so thankful for the friendship we have.

I love how we can go for weeks without seeing each other but the minute we are together it is like no time has passed. You literally know everything that happens in my life. What guy I’m thinking about pursuing to what stupid thing I did that day. You give the best pep talks when I am nervous before a date and encouragement when I am questioning my self worth.

You have been there for me through the good, bad, and ugly. You have seen me sobbing in tears on the floor to laughing so hard I almost pee my pants and have never judged me for it. We have the best memories and I can not wait to make more.

While we haven’t always supposed each others choices we are still there for each other no matter what.

When things fall apart we always help each other put everything back together.

You have stayed by my side through a very abusive relationship and almost losing my life. Even though I never told you the details until after I felt so safe knowing that even if I couldn’t tell you, you were still there no matter what. Judgement free.You helped me piece back together the pieces of my life and reminded me of how good of a woman I am. I know it was a huge shock and you felt almost betrayed that I didn’t tell you, but it was never about our friendship. It was about me being ashamed of what was going on. I am sorry I couldn’t tell you when I was going through it, but knowing that what I went through saved you pain and suffering completely made it worth it.

I hope that you know the beautiful and amazing person you are.

You are so smart, strong willed, and driven.

You deserve a man who supports and encourages you through everything in your life. While this year has been rough for you I can not wait until you meet the right man who deserves you. I can’t wait for you to introduce me to the actual man of your dreams, and I hope he loves you as much as I do. I hope he appreciates how much you love Mac Dre and how stubborn you are. You need a man who will dance and be wild with you, not control that part of you. That man, who I can’t wait to meet, will respect and cherish you.

You shouldn’t ever settle. You are one of the best people in this world.

I am so blessed to have you as my right hand. Thank you for always supporting me and being an amazing support system for Beau. I love you so much!


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